BiNoM: a Cytoscape plugin for manipulating and analyzing biological networks

A. Zinovyev, E. Viara, L. Calzone, E. Barillot
2007 Bioinformatics  
BiNoM (Biological Network Manager) is a new bioinformatics software that significantly facilitates the usage and the analysis of biological networks in standard systems biology formats (SBML, SBGN, BioPAX). BiNoM implements a full-featured BioPAX editor and a method of 'interfaces' for accessing BioPAX content. BiNoM is able to work with huge BioPAX files such as whole pathway databases. In addition, BiNoM allows the analysis of networks created with CellDesigner software and their conversion
more » ... to BioPAX format. BiNoM comes as a library and as a Cytoscape plugin which adds a rich set of operations to Cytoscape such as path and cycle analysis, clustering sub-networks, decomposition of network into modules, clipboard operations and others. Availability: Last version of BiNoM distributed under the LGPL licence together with documentation, source code and API are available at
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btm553 pmid:18024474 fatcat:x7bqkdjb6zhyrkwo575ginrasi