Position and posture control for a class of second-order nonholonomic underactuated mechanical system

Pei-yin Xiong, Xu-zhi Lai, Min Wu
2016 IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information  
This paper presents a position and posture control strategy for a n-link planar underactuated manipulator with passive second joint in horizontal plane. The n-link planar underactuated mechanical manipulator is a second-order nonholonomic system, the control objective is to move the end-effector to a given position with a desired posture. The whole control process is divided into n−2 stages. In each stage, the first link is maintained at its initial states unchanged, there exists an angle
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doi:10.1093/imamci/dnw056 fatcat:sgo772fu4vcx7dt7dl6etpmp3y