Selection of Tomato Hybrids With Zingiberene Concentration for Breeding Programs to Pest Resistance

Maria Elisa De Sena Fernandes, Flávio Lemes Fernandes, Natália Oliveira Silva, Derly José Henriques da Silva, Frederico Garcia Pinto, Rodrigo Soares Ramos
2014 Journal of Agricultural Science  
The zingiberene is a sesquiterpene that is present in tomato leaves. This compound is known to promote resistance to pests and diseases. The Brazil has a germplasm bank of vegetable at Universidade Federal de Viçosa (HGB-UFV) crops with over 8 million accesses. One technique that helps in the choice of progenitors with favorable concentrations of zingiberene is the diallel crosses. The diallel crosses allow the estimation of general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA).
more » ... ing ability (SCA). Thus, the aim of this study was to find out tomato hybrids with high zingiberene concentrations. The genitors were divided into two contrasting groups for resistance to pests. The characterization and quantification spectrophotometric of zingiberene was performed, obtaining absorbance values at 270 nm. To determine the content of zingiberene in hybrids those were coming from the diallel cross. The analysis from the spectrophotometric method was performed. The estimates of GCA and SCA of these hybrids at combinations HGB 2119 x LA716, HGB 2119 x PI 12786, HGB 2214 x HGB 674, HGB 2064 x HGB 674, HGB 2214 x PI 127826, HGB 985 x LA 716 and Santa Clara x HGB 674 have high potential in tomato plant breeding aiming of resistance to pests and diseases.
doi:10.5539/jas.v6n6p148 fatcat:rzrk5rufwbhrfaas6cvkpruvii