A New Species of Rhopalorhynchus (Arthropoda : Pycnogonida) from the Semporna Islands, Sabah

Roger N. Bamber
2001 Species Diversity  
A pycnogonid specimen of the genus Rhqpalorlrynchus, collected from a sponge in shallow waters off the east coast of Sabah, is described as a new species, R, cinclus, showing a number of features unique for the genus, notably the anterior placement of the dorsal proboscis tooth, the presence of small lateraventral proboscis teeth, the presence of a small main claw in a longitarsal species, a relatively short fifth palp article, and a simple distal oviger morphology (not subchelate).
doi:10.12782/specdiv.6.179 fatcat:nq52ja2xfvdu5dqakqyxcymwau