Demystifying the Role of zk-SNARKs in Zcash

Aritra Banerjee, Michael Clear, Hitesh Tewari
2020 2020 IEEE Conference on Application, Information and Network Security (AINS)  
Zero-knowledge proofs have always provided a clear solution when it comes to conveying information from a prover to a verifier or vice versa without revealing essential information about the process. Advancements in zero-knowledge have helped develop proofs which are succinct and provide non-interactive arguments of knowledge along with maintaining the zeroknowledge criteria. zk-SNARKs (Zero knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) are one such method that outshines itself when
more » ... tshines itself when it comes to advancement of zero-knowledge proofs. The underlying principle of the Zcash algorithm is such that it delivers a full-fledged ledger-based digital currency with strong privacy guarantees and the root of ensuring privacy lies fully on the construction of a proper zk-SNARK. In this paper we elaborate and construct a concrete zk-SNARK proof from scratch and explain its role in the Zcash algorithm.
doi:10.1109/ains50155.2020.9315064 fatcat:bon2f4jdrveujh6gjqey6ew7yu