Gene Evaluation Algorithm for Reconfiguration of Medium and Large Size Photovoltaic Arrays Exhibiting Non-Uniform Aging

Mohammed Alkahtani, Yihua Hu, Zuyu Wu, Colin Sokol Kuka, Muflih S. Alhammad, Chen Zhang
2020 Energies  
Aging is known to exert various non-uniform effects on photovoltaic (PV) modules within a PV array that consequently can result in non-uniform operational parameters affecting the individual PV modules, leading to a variable power output of the overall PV array. This study presents an algorithm for optimising the configuration of a PV array within which different PV modules are subject to non-uniform aging processes. The PV array reconfiguration approach suggests maximising power generation
more » ... ower generation across non-uniformly aged PV arrays by merely repositioning, rather than replacing, the PV modules, thereby keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Such a reconfiguration strategy demands data input on the PV module electrical parameters so that optimal reconfiguration arrangements can be selected. The algorithm repetitively sorts the PV modules according to a hierarchical pattern to minimise the impact of module mismatch arising due to non-uniform aging of panels across the array. Computer modelling and analysis have been performed to assess the efficacy of the suggested approach for a variety of dimensions of randomly non-uniformly aged PV arrays (e.g., 5 × 5 and 7 × 20 PV arrays) using MATLAB. The results demonstrate that enhanced power output is possible from a non-uniformly aged PV array and that this can be applied to a PV array of any size.
doi:10.3390/en13081921 fatcat:tvlshq7w6rbmleecvi3ovj5xzi