An Integrated Modelling Approach for Spatial-aware Federated Simulation

Jingquan Xie, Nikolas Flourentzou
Federated simulation provides a powerful means to analyze dynamics of interconnected large-scale systems like networks of critical infrastructures (CI) including power supply systems, railway systems, telecommunication networks, etc. Building a sound federation model that can be used for federated simulations is however a challenging task, especially when the spatial aspects of the sophisticated networks need to be considered. In this paper, an integrated modelling approach is proposed to
more » ... s proposed to reduce the effort in building such spatial models for federated simulation. It aims to automatically produce consistent models that can be accepted by domain-specific simulators like SIEMENS PSS SINCAL and ns-3, in particularly for use cases where federation models evolve frequently. This is a work in progress. The modelling approach itself is general purpose and not limited to certain domains like power or telecommunication systems.