'Roll-out neoliberalism' through one-to-one laptop investments in Swedish schools

Catarina Player-Koro, Dennis Beach
This paper calls for the need to better understand how the marketization of public sector in Sweden has changed the way policies are produced and translated in to action. Its aim is to contribute to and enable a debate about consequences of privatisation. It does so taking IT-education policy as a case and takes a point of departure in the most recent efforts made by government and educational leaders to push ICT into educational settings, in the so called one-to-one laptop initiatives. The aim
more » ... nitiatives. The aim of the paper is to discuss how the use of a methodological design that is a synergistic research design between social network analysis and ethnography, called network ethnography can be used to investigate how educational policy is being 'done' in new digital locations which involve new forms of social structuring that emphasize flows and mobility of people, capital and ideas.