Interrelation of the balance tromboxano A2-prostaciclina and its modification when aspirin is ingested

Andrés Pérez Ruíz
2015 Revista Cubana de Estomatología  
aspirin is used by its arachidonic acid is fundamental for the dentist that bases its work on diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory processes, also for its surgeon condition he should be alert to do not carry out surgical interventions in patients that are taking aspirin, because this drug interrupts platelet aggregation, important step of the normal hemostasis. Objective: to interpret the hemostatic interrelation of the tromboxano A2 and the prostaciclina in physiologic conditions and the
more » ... nditions and the result of their modification when aspirin is ingested. Method: it was employee as fundamental search source the PubMed, other databases also revised they were HINARI, LILACS, Medline. Was carried out a search that included the knowledge on the drug aspirin, the interaction of the tromboxano and the prostaclina, and the action that it has more than enough the balance of these products it exercises the aspirin. Development: the arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid of 20 atoms of carbon (5, 8, 11, 14-eicosatetraenoic acid) that proceeds directly from diet. The reciprocal relationship between PG-I2 and TxA2 constitutes a finely balanced mechanism that is good to regulate the human being's platelet function. The utility of aspirin in patients exposed to thrombogenesis is largely due to its capacity to inhibit the synthesis of the TxA2, agent derived from arachidonic acid, which is esterified to the phospholipids of the platelet membrane. Nitric oxide, the same as the PG-I 2, also acts as vasodilator and inhibitor of the platelet aggregation. Conclusions: the patients that go to the dentist and for medical prescription are taking aspirin, have their platelet system inhibited and cannot synthesize tromboxane. Surgical processes performed by the dentist in a patient that is ingesting aspirin exposes him to the development of hemorrhage of yatrogenic cause.
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