Expression of p190A during Apoptosis in the Regressing Rat Ventral Prostate

C. Morrissey
1999 Endocrinology  
After hormonal ablation, 90% of the secretory epithelial cells of the prostate undergo apoptosis, and the remaining cells are reorganized as the tissue is remodeled. Using differential display RT-PCR of total RNA extracted from the rat ventral prostate before and 4 days after castration, we have cloned and sequenced a number of complementary DNAs whose cognate messenger RNAs (mRNAs) may be either up-or down-regulated during prostatic regression. One sequence of particular interest, 25.2, is
more » ... erest, 25.2, is up-regulated after castration and is homologous to p190, a protein associated with cytoskeletal reorganization. RT-PCR has confirmed that the steady state level of p190A mRNA is increased in the rat ventral prostate after castration, and Western blot analysis indicates that the protein levels for p190A also increase. The steady state level of p190B mRNA, the second isoform
doi:10.1210/en.140.7.3328 pmid:10385430 fatcat:bxfengrkzve6zpzifcjoemfati