From vehicular platoons to general networked systems: String stability and related concepts

S. Stüdli, M.M. Seron, R.H. Middleton
2017 Annual Reviews in Control  
Networked systems and their control are highly important and appear in a variety of applications, including vehicle platooning and formation control. Especially vehicle platoons have been intensively investigated. An interesting problem that arises in this area is string stability, which broadly speaking means that an input signal amplifies unboundedly as it travels through the vehicle string. However, various, not necessarily equivalent, definitions are commonly used. In this paper, we aim to
more » ... ormalise the notion of string stability and illustrate the importance of those distinctions on simulation examples. A second goal is to extend the definitions to general networked systems. The use of homogeneous agents simplifies the analysis, however idealises the systems dramatically. Hence, it is important to extend the results where possible to heterogeneous networked systems. This is also relevant in regard to model uncertainties and small model changes that are undoubtedly present. In some cases the use of heterogeneous controllers is even suggested to improve the performance of the system (Khatir and Davidson, 2004) .
doi:10.1016/j.arcontrol.2017.09.016 fatcat:k7mf7frlzba3tpxwqbfvudx3iu