Management Insights: an Indian Mythological approach

Ambalika Sarma Brahmachoudhury
Management is basically manage-men, that is managing men to do the work effectively and efficiently which are directed towards the organizational goals for the success of the organisation. Optimum utilization of all the resources including human resource is a must for any organisation to achieve success and management is a requisite activity for optimum utilization. Management is both an art and science, thus social science which deals with many principles and theories propagated by various
more » ... gement thinkers like Henry Fayol, Peter Drucker, etc from the west which were developed in the last century only. But when we dig into our past, fishing for some new perspectives, the Indian mythological stories gives many instances where it can be proved that the success of those events would not have been possible without the various principles and teachings of management. Be it Ravana's SWOT analysis by Lord Rama in Ramayana or Abhimanyu's strategic planning to clear the various layers of the chakravyuh in Mahabharata. This paper attempts to explore the relationship between the two worlds-The world of modern management and the world of spirituality.