Clinical and histopathological characteristics after subconjunctival implantation of cyclosporine-containing poly-lactic acid microfilm in normal dogs

Thanate Anusaksathien, Kanjana Imsilp, Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua, Angkhana Jaroenworaluck, Aree Thayananuphat
J. Sci. Technol   unpublished
The objective of the present study was to describe clinical signs and histopathology of the conjunctiva after sub-conjunctival implantation with poly-lactic acid microfilm (PLA-M) and cyclosporine-containing PLA microfilm (CsPLA-M) in seven healthy dogs. A randomized, double-blind implantation of a PLA-M and CsPLA-M was performed in each eye. Ocular clinical signs and Schirmer tear test (STT) levels were determined on days 1, 3, 7, 14, 28, 60 and 90 after implantation. All implanted eyes had
more » ... planted eyes had conjunctival hyperemia after implantation which eventually resolved within 90 days. Histopathological examination of conjunctival biopsy showed mild inflammatory cell infiltration. There was no significant statistical difference of conjunctival hyperemia scores, STT values or histopathological scores between the two groups. All devices remained under subconjunctiva at 90 days after implantation. These results suggested that the device was safe and well tolerated for subconjunctival implantation in dogs.