Video Service using Smart AP and GPS in Vehicle Network

Seongchun Han, Iksoo Kim
2014 unpublished
This paper deals with the seamless video service using smart APs and GPS in vehicle network. The smart access points (SAP) in vehicle network have cache and a table for servicing video items. The SAP is controlled by a switching/handover agent (SHA) with buffer, and it manages some servicing vehicles and serviced video items. And the vehicles request video service to video server through SHA with a new header added to IP address that composed of network ID, vehicle ID and GPS information
more » ... information (driving distance or driving speed). This paper solves that the problems of video server's excessive load and the deficiency of vehicle communication network (VCN) resources, and it provides a seamless multimedia service because this proposed mechanism fulfills a smooth handover using SHA and SAP in the VCN network.
doi:10.14257/astl.2014.51.26 fatcat:opa6r5722bghxikrkya6b7biyu