Gray-Molasses Optical-Tweezer Loading: Controlling Collisions for Scaling Atom-Array Assembly

M. O. Brown, T. Thiele, C. Kiehl, T.-W. Hsu, C. A. Regal
2019 Physical Review X  
We show that with a purely blue-detuned cooling mechanism we can densely load single neutral atoms into large arrays of shallow optical tweezers. With this ability, more efficient assembly of larger ordered arrays will be possible - hence expanding the number of particles available for bottom-up quantum simulation and computation with atoms. Using Lambda-enhanced grey molasses on the D1 line of 87Rb, we achieve loading into a single 0.63 mK trap with 89% probability, and we further extend this
more » ... oading to 100 atoms at 80% probability. The loading behavior agrees with a model of consecutive light-assisted collisions in repulsive molecular states. With simple rearrangement that only moves rows and columns of a 2D array, we demonstrate one example of the power of enhanced loading in large arrays.
doi:10.1103/physrevx.9.011057 fatcat:m7zn5pcxljczvepwm6r2ksnqqe