The Best Injection Method to Save Water and Heat

Yanping Xi
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Environment, Materials, Chemistry and Power Electronics   unpublished
Nowadays, saving water and saving energy saving has become a trend of lifestyle. Therefore, it is quite necessary and practical to find an optimal injection method to save heat and water, which can be widely used in many various situations, such 0000as having a bubble bath, keeping tropical fish and so on. Here, we take the bubble bath as the example to study. And then, the approach is extended to other situations. In our study,periodical change of discontinuous water supply is revealed
more » ... is revealed visually in water supplement model. To begin with, it is prerequisite to consult the highest water temperature that the bather can bear.On account of discontinuous water supply, we study the periodical change of the average water temperature. As the proportion of injection period in every cycle increases, discontinuous water supply is transformed into continuous water supply. To maintain the temperature in the set range,we change the flux of inlet water and study the correlation of flux and the injection time. We get the maximum water-saving effect when the ratio of injection time and non-injection time is 2. Also, in this situation, the temperature of bathtub is stabilized in a relative range. Similarly, in other cases, you can use the same method to get the best way of supplying water, which means our method is realistic and practical.
doi:10.2991/emcpe-16.2016.26 fatcat:wlxxdogn4fc73nebevaqvbutxq