Co-constructing Cultural Ecosystem Services and Wellbeing Through a Place-Based Approach [chapter]

Tim G. Acott, Julie Urquhart
2017 Social Wellbeing and the Values of Small-scale Fisheries  
Reductive practices in fisheries management have tended to focus on ecological and economic dimensions that have rendered the social and cultural importance of fishing largely invisible, at least in the context of governance and policy making. This chapter builds on five years' research in the English Channel and Southern North Sea in which the authors adopted a sense of place perspective as a framework for understanding the social and cultural value of small-scale fisheries. Through a number
more » ... Through a number of case studies, the chapter describes how small-scale fisheries result in a series of 'transformations' as the marine environment is translated into cultural ecosystem services in coastal settings giving rise to socio-cultural value. This perspective is further developed by considering the value of the social wellbeing 'lens' to broaden the sense of place / cultural ecosystem services framework. In pursuing 'values' through sense of place, cultural ecosystem services and social wellbeing we discuss how the dualistic treatment of nature and society is problematic. We conclude that a relational co-constructionist approach, although challenging, offers a way of making visible an array of social and cultural values that emerge from the activity of small-scale fisheries.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-60750-4_2 fatcat:twt2t25rzfdj3bu36dnn5jgkb4