CoverBLIP: scalable iterative matched filtering for MR Fingerprint recovery [article]

Mohammad Golbabaee, Zhouye Chen, Yves Wiaux, Mike E. Davies
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Current proposed solutions for the high dimensionality of the MRF reconstruction problem rely on a linear compression step to reduce the matching computations and boost the efficiency of fast but non-scalable searching schemes such as the KD-trees. However such methodologies often introduce an unfavourable compromise in the estimation accuracy when applied to nonlinear data structures such as the manifold of Bloch responses with possible increased dynamic complexity and growth in data
more » ... . To address this shortcoming we propose an inexact iterative reconstruction method, dubbed as the Cover BLoch response Iterative Projection (CoverBLIP). Iterative methods improve the accuracy of their non-iterative counterparts and are additionally robust against certain accelerated approximate updates, without compromising their final accuracy. Leveraging on these results, we accelerate matched-filtering using an ANNS algorithm based on Cover trees with a robustness feature against the curse of dimensionality.
arXiv:1809.02503v1 fatcat:fy4lxnpzpbewbgrsmu6rziyezq