Force-versus-time curves during collisions between two identical steel balls

R. Hessel, A. C. Perinotto, R. A. M. Alfaro, A. A. Freschi
2006 American Journal of Physics  
We describe a numerical procedure for plotting the force-versus-time curves in elastic collisions between identical conducting balls. A system of parametric equations relating the force and the time to a dimensionless parameter is derived from the assumption of a force compatible with Hertz's theory of collision. A simple experimental arrangement consisting of a mechanical system of colliding balls and an electrical circuit containing a crystal oscillator and an electronic counter is used to
more » ... sure the collision time as a function of the energy of impact. From the data we can determine the relevant parameters. The calculated results agree very well with the expected values and are consistent with the assumption that the collisions are elastic.
doi:10.1119/1.2173276 fatcat:ekbv5icc3na4jgcibaar243434