Muography with Multi-Wire-Proportional-Chamber-based Tracking Detectors

László OLÁH, Szabolcs J. BALOGH, Ádám L. GERA, Gergő HAMAR, Gábor NYITRAI, Hiroyuki K. M. TANAKA, Dezső VARGA
2018 Journal of The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan  
Muography resolves the internal structure of large-sized object by tracking the penetrated cosmic-ray muons and deducing the amount of material along the path of muons. Present article reviews the principles, operation and features of different detector technologies applied for muography and presents the newly developed Multi-Wire-Proportional-Chamber-based Muographic Observations System (MMOS) . A large-sized, modular MMOS system is under development for the observation of Sakurajima volcano,
more » ... yushu, Japan. The applicability of MMOS to resolve the internal structure of active volcanoes with high-definition (<15 meters) has been demonstrated. Portable, MWPC-based tracking systems have also been developed for civil engineering, cavity research from underground or from the surface. The applicability of portable detectors for detection of underground cavities has been demonstrated with a few days measurements from shallow depth (10-30 meters) in an underground tunnel system located in Budapest, Hungary.
doi:10.11454/photogrst.81.269 fatcat:6622g7xqxrhhffz7ogn3x5khg4