Module defect and factorisability

A. Fröhlich
1988 Illinois Journal of Mathematics  
A. FRHLICH Notations. As usual Z is the ring of integers, Q the field of rational numbers, Q p that of p-adic rationals. For any finite extension F of Q or Q p, the ring of integers in F will be denoted by aF. "Ideals" in F are non zero fractional ideals of 'F. The module index over aF is denoted by[ ]or (cf. [1]). The algebraic closure of a field k is k c. The multiplicative group of a field F is F*, the group ring of a group F over over a commutative ring R is R F. This paper was written
more » ... the author was partly supported by a Leverhulm Emeritus Fellowship.
doi:10.1215/ijm/1255988994 fatcat:n63vxpwgsjc53d6kbzrergmmmy