Algoritminė valdysena: implikacijos, priešinimosi strategijos ir santykis su biogalia

Aistis Žekevičius
2021 Athena  
In the article, I associate modern algorithmic technologies with biopolitics by proposing a hypothesis that despite several fundamental differences, there are certain similarities between algorithmic control and biopower. In order to prove it, I first thoroughly review Rouvroy and Berns and Stiegler's concepts of algorithmic control and distinguish strengths and weaknesses of their theories. Further, I briefly draw attention to the impact of algorithmic governmentality on the perception of the
more » ... ategories of the subject, normativity, individual freedom, and autonomy, as well as analyze strategies for resisting algorithmic governmentality. Finally, I consider the relationship between algorithmic governmentality and biopower, and the implications that algorithmic governmentality may have for life as such, which was traditionally associated with biopolitics, as well as question the future of the concept of biopower.
doi:10.53631/athena.2021.16.8 fatcat:isqb5mnt75fgdhfa6thifv3owi