I.O. Sinchuk, Kryvyi Rih National University, V.O. Fedotov, O.V. Dozorenko, Kryvyi Rih National University, Kryvyi Rih National University
2019 Computer science information technology and automation  
Purpose: development of theoretical aspects for the formalization of control parameters of the target function of the algorithm functioning of the automated control system (ACS) of energy flows of iron ore mines. Methods: in this article, the method used for the main components, the method of «compression» of the outgoing information. Scientific novelty: the method of forming the target function as an input parameter for the operation of the algorithm of control of electric power flows of iron
more » ... re mines is developed. Practical significance: the tactics of the formation of input parameters for the operation of the scheme of the ACS of power flows is developed. Results: the article presents the aspects of theoretical justification for the creation of a method for optimal management of electric power flows of iron ore mines by introducing an automated power flow control system. It is noted that the expected level of electrical energy efficiency of iron ore raw materials (IORM) in the conditions of underground iron ore enterprises is achievable by introducing in their practice the work of the ACS general energy flows in general and the ACS in the electric power flows in particular. To develop the structure of the ACS it is necessary to have real control parameters and levels of influence on them of a complex of technological factors of enterprises. Existing theoretical methods do not allow obtaining the required quality of such factors. It has been proved that the amount of electricity consumed by modern iron ore enterprises has changed little over the years, but tariffs for consumed energy are constantly increasing. This leads to an increase in the cost of extraction of this type of minerals. According to the protocols of the contracts for payment for consumed electricity, generating companies set for consumers daily tariffs for the released electricity. The daily electricity tariffs are used as inputs for the target function to obtain formula-solutions for minimizing the price according to the existing daily tariffs and maximize the change in the electrical loads of energy consumers in the preferential periods of the day. In the scenario of the electric power industry of iron ore mines of the Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin, the possibility of applying theoretical justifications for modelling the modes of electric streams in the hours of the day with the subsequent inclusion in the algorithm of the functioning of the ACS power flows is shown. The methodology of further formalization of control parameters for the development of an ACS by energy flows of iron ore enterprises is proposed. This approach allows, by compaction of experimental data, and without introducing system-leading influential simplifications into the process of this process, to form input parameters for the development of an algorithm for the functioning of ACS by the energy flows of these types of enterprises.
doi:10.31721/2414-9055.2019.5.1.4 fatcat:6rmiyd5b7vgrbpxb5xpjfcyfcm