The Romanians in Balcani. Scurte considerații

Radu Baltasiu, Emil Țîrcomnicu
2008 Sociologie Româneasca = Romanian Sociology  
Aromanians are part of the Romanic territory in the Balkans and the Romanians are the Romanic area over the Danube. Romanians and Aromanians are two branches of the same people called Romanians. In order to theoretically distinguish between them, the Romanic population over the North of the Danube will be referred as Daco-Romanians. The article describes the actual statistics for the Romanians around the Danube on some of the major indicators such as: demography, economics, education, human
more » ... ducation, human rights and the main historical patterns of these. The main conclusion is that the investigated population is at the point of the lowest identity survivability, mostly on demographic and human rights terms.
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