Using FEM: Fluid Flow Analysis of Centrifugal Fan

V Chandra, Shekar Goud, R Sai, Krishna Student, G Vikas, R Vinay Kumar
The forward backward curved (mixed) Centrifugal fan (HRE 630) has been analyzed aerodynamically for compare experimental results with simulation results by using ANSYS FLUENT (Finite Element Analysis Software). The material of the fan impeller was specified as ALUMINIUM. Boundary conditions on the HRE 630 are taken from the reference. The flow distribution across the fan is obtained. The maximum static pressure at the inlet is known and the pressure distributions across the blade are obtained
more » ... lade are obtained accordingly. The obtained results are compared with Experimental results is discussed. In final recommended the design of the centrifugal fan and results are tabulated. It's observed that simulation results are nearer to the experimental results.