Paper electrophoresis of rat serum and muscle proteins during hypothermia and cold acclimatization [thesis]

Jimmie L. Shields
"The present study is designed to follow the course of the electrophoretic pattern of the serum proteins and water extractable muscle proteins during cold acclimatization. Body weight changes and body temperatures were determined also. Since the liver is considered the prodominant source of the serum proteins, it may be interesting to note any changes that occur in these indices of liver function. Attention was given also to difference in the electrophretic patterns of serum proteins after
more » ... term exposure to acute cold stress, and to sex differences during the acclimatization period. The importance of the thyroid in acclimatization has prompted the used of thyroid extract as a supplement in the diet of some of the experimental animals. This was done in an attempt to simulate a more severe stress during the course of experiment."-Page 2
doi:10.32469/10355/72685 fatcat:ljuzgryiqrf63dnxuvgrp6c5iu