Proposal for Dynamic Organization of Service Networks over a Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network

Takuya Iwai, Naoki Wakamiya, Masayuki Murata
2011 Procedia Computer Science  
In the ambient information society, embedded sensors detect and conjecture environmental and personal conditions. Then, actuators provide users with information services and environmental controls which are suited for time, place, occasion, and people. Although a single service cannot meet diverse requirements of different situations, it is hard to deploy and configure a variety of devices for each of envisioned services. To solve the problem, we propose a mechanism to dynamically self-organize
more » ... service networks by combining existing devices. In our proposal, we adopt a mathematical model of division of labors in a colony of social insects to accomplish autonomous selection of devices, which offer sensing and control functions to a service network, while taking into account their states and service requirements. Through simulation, we confirmed that our proposal can organize efficient service networks combining nodes with higher residual energy and more service provision.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2011.07.032 fatcat:hvlgdw6cxnhgdkyd2j33tmv3me