Currie's complaint?

Jane Tiller, Janet Treasure
1992 British Journal of Psychiatry  
CORRESPONDENCE Currie'scomplaint? SIR: Patients with eating disorders commonly employa varietyof strategies to controltheirweight whichmay leadto harmfulphysical consequences â€"¿ thedesirefor weightlossoverridingconcerns about physicalwell-being.Patientsmay compromisethe careof coexisting medicalillnesses suchasdiabetes and Crohn's disease in order to lose weight (Treasure, 1991). We have recently seen a young womanwhodescribed tryingto contractSalmonella typhiasa meansof weightcontrol.
more » ... ightcontrol. Casereport. Ms A, a 20-year-old care assistant, was referred to the eating disorder clinic by her general practitioner (GP). She met lCDâ€"bcriteria for bulimia nervosa (body mass index 25kg/rn2) World Health Organization (1986).
doi:10.1192/s0007125000124869 pmid:1638325 fatcat:wi3rvsn4jzfmvaovsgbk3uqfri