HIE-SQL: History Information Enhanced Network for Context-Dependent Text-to-SQL Semantic Parsing [article]

Yanzhao Zheng, Haibin Wang, Baohua Dong, Xingjun Wang, Changshan Li
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Recently, context-dependent text-to-SQL semantic parsing which translates natural language into SQL in an interaction process has attracted a lot of attention. Previous works leverage context-dependence information either from interaction history utterances or the previous predicted SQL queries but fail in taking advantage of both since of the mismatch between natural language and logic-form SQL. In this work, we propose a History Information Enhanced text-to-SQL model (HIE-SQL) to exploit
more » ... xt-dependence information from both history utterances and the last predicted SQL query. In view of the mismatch, we treat natural language and SQL as two modalities and propose a bimodal pre-trained model to bridge the gap between them. Besides, we design a schema-linking graph to enhance connections from utterances and the SQL query to the database schema. We show our history information enhanced methods improve the performance of HIE-SQL by a significant margin, which achieves new state-of-the-art results on the two context-dependent text-to-SQL benchmarks, the SparC and CoSQL datasets, at the writing time.
arXiv:2203.07376v2 fatcat:72rz6byvjrfmdkvvoaup43rf2i