Performance Evaluation of Secure Asymmetric Key Exchange Mechanisms for 4G Networks

Niharika Singh, Mandeep Singh Saini
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The 4G network are cellular network which provides higher bandwidth and fast speed but there are few security flaws and thus to protect the users privacy,a very well defined security support is mandatory. The attacker can launch a variety of active and passive attacks. Thus security mechanism is to be defined for call security in 4G/LTE network. The existing schemes includes both plain-text and cryptographic key exchanges. The cryptographic key exchange schemes can effectively establish the
more » ... re communications between the two nodes and protect against the node emulation attacks. In this paper the traditional key exchange models of 4G/LTE network and hybrid cryptographic key exchange model and the security provided by these are evaluated. The proposed model will protect the 4G network during the initial call setup phase, periodic time based key exchange to ensure the call security and the seed exchange for the other end integrity check. The proposed model will use a pre-shared key group to ensure the security during the call setup phase and will use the random table based non-predictive key exchange model for the purpose of in-call security assurance and receiver integrity check by the caller. This performance evaluation survey will evaluate these two authentication methods for various scenarios in the 4G network. The conclusion after the comparison would throw light on appropriate scenarios of both the schemes used in 4G/LTE security.
doi:10.5120/20884-3644 fatcat:hfhn2rs3r5bbhgqp5iwln2m7lm