Chordee without hypospadiasの治療経験

辻 克和, 木村 亨, 平野 篤志, 野尻 佳克, 古川 亨, 絹川 常郎, 西村 達弥, 岡本 典子, 田中 國晃, 伊藤 博, 渡辺 博幸
2002 The Japanese Journal of Urology  
Purpose :One ・ stage urethroplasty wi 山 parameatal foreskin flaps ( OUPF} has been used with va 貞 able success rates , We describe certain modifica − tions to reduce complications , Materia ] s and methods :Ten patients were included , m εan age was 〔 2. 8) , Technical modhications include 、 hinging of the urethral pLate , covering oI the neourethra by de − epi山elialized 囗 aps in OUPF − H. CensLruction of the neourethra was performed by continues sub− cuticularsutures two layers glansclosure
more » ... performed a ロd skin ciosure was performed in a subcu 【 icUlar manner in a皿 cases . Resu 賦s :The cos − metic and functiona 】results were excellent , ne malor comp 駈 cations , ex − ceptonecaseofurethralstrictureatthesiteoftheoriginalmeatusthat re ・ spanded weU to dilatation . Conclusiens :Technical modMcations adopted to OUPF permit law complicatio 囗 rate and better cosmetic results , although the series was sma 開and pos吐 operative period is stM shoth Hypospadias OUPF
doi:10.5980/jpnjurol.93.213_1 fatcat:lo4xslong5cujmkk2vpbwxydyu