Analysis of transmit-receive diversity in rayleigh fading

P.A. Dighe, R.K. Mallik, S.S. Jamuar
2003 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
We analyze the error performance of a wireless communication system employing transmit-receive diversity in Rayleigh fading. By focussing on the complex Gaussian statistics of the independent and identically distributed entries of the channel matrix, we derive a formula for the characteristic function (c.f.) of the maximum output signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). We use this c.f. to obtain a closed-form expression of the symbol error probability (SEP) for coherent binary keying. An approximate
more » ... n approximate expression for the SEP when the average SNR per branch is large is also obtained. The method can be easily extended to obtain the SEP of M-ary modulation schemes.
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2003.810871 fatcat:tve2az7i4zatvgvdlgv76uiieu