Comparative investigation of contents for touch−typing practice

Naoko Nagasawa
2007 Computer & Education  
What is the most efficient method of practice for Japanese touch−typing learners? We conducted experiments to compare three different formats for touch−typing practice. As a result, we discovered the following: (1) the result of the learners' performance of their touch−typing depends on the format used;however, in terms of the order of exposure to the languages they use for touch−typing, English and Japanese, no significant differences in their performances were observed, (2) in terms of the
more » ... of keyboard layout for touch−typing practice, the performances do not differ much, (3) even if the learners practice touch−typing with characters that have a set meaning, typing the previously practiced language is not necessarily easier when typing it again.
doi:10.14949/konpyutariyoukyouiku.23.84 fatcat:bjlz2qlgurdjpcfgo56t3tk3w4