Implementation of the mission of enlightenment children in the sphere of intellectual property: the step towards activating the creative nation` s DNA code

Olha Kulinich
2022 Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property  
Keywords: intellectual property, creativity, enlightenment, creator's rights, commercialization,social effect, brand of a state. The article is devoted to the issues of defining the mission of enlightenmentin the sphere of intellectual property. The importance of studying intellectualproperty from childhood is argued. It is proved the advisability to create an integratedcourse or lessons in the school curriculum in order to highlight basic knowledge of intellectualproperty to children.The
more » ... n of educating children is revealed and educational tasks are determined,the implementation of which is important for every child, society, state and achieving apositive effect of activating the DNA code of the creative nation in Ukraine.Among the tasks of enlightenment activity, those have been defined, the implementationof which are aimed at the coming of a positive effect for a particular person, namely:the development of creativity in an individual; to cultivate respect rights of creators, intellectualproperty; the understanding importance and strength of creativity in humanlife, for society and country; the acquisition of knowledge about the mechanism of commercializationin the sphere of intellectual property; the awareness of the special statusof a creator as a person to whom the special rights belong and on whom responsibility isassigned for the content of the creation created by him.Among the tasks of enlightenment, which have a positive social effect for a state andsociety, the following have been defined: the training of a new generation in the spirit ofrespect the rights of creators, with a high level of literacy and legal culture in the sphereof intellectual property; the creating prerequisites for the innovative development ofecosystem and creativity; the formation of a powerful community of specialists in thesphere of intellectual property with the appropriate level of competence and qualification,taking into account modern digital trends in the development of society; the promotingthe development and implementation of modern technologies for the development ofthe Ukrainian economy; the formation of own, recognizable brand Ukraine with a significantintellectual component.It has been concluded that the achievement of the relevant tasks requires the developmentand systematization of effective tools and forms of enlightenment activities, alsoit has been defined the directions for subsequent research on this topic.
doi:10.33731/52022.270915 fatcat:cf3yhvus6beltecadwubmvqgpu