Caspian J of Dent Res Plexiform schwannoma of the floor of the mouth: a case report Plexiform schwannoma 50 ‫هَرد‬ ‫گسارش‬ :‫دهاى‬ ‫کف‬ ‫در‬ ‫فرم‬ ‫پلکسی‬ ‫شَاًَهای‬ ‫سَهاًیاى‬ ‫شبٌن‬ ،‫هجیدی‬ ‫سید‬ ‫هرین‬ ،‫دزفَلی‬ ‫کَچک‬ ‫هحود‬ * ، ،‫کاظوی‬ ‫حسیي‬ ‫حاهد‬ ‫دهشیری‬ ‫خشایار‬

Cjdr Ir, Mohammad Dezfuli, Maryam Seyedmajidi, Shabnam Sohanian, Hamed Kazemi, Khashayar Dehshiri, Shabnam Sohanian
2018 Caspian J Dent Res   unpublished
Plexiform schwannoma is a type of schwannoma that can be occured at any age and any site of the oral cavity. In the gross and histopathological features, it shows plexiform or multinodular growth pattern. This variant of schwannoma is sometimes associated with neurofibromatosis type II or schwannomatosis. Histopathologically, plexiform schwannoma is composed of schwann cells that show Anthony A growth pattern. Mitosis are rare or absent. This study reports a case of a healthy 34 year old female
more » ... 34 year old female with swelling in floor of her mouth; according to the clinical and histopathological findings, the diagnosis was Plexiform schwannoma.