Desempenho de cultivar de soja de crescimento determinado em diferentes arranjos espaciais

Paula Daiane de Sena Martins, Eduardo Lima do Carmo, Alessandro Guerra da Silva, Sérgio de Oliveira Procópio, Gustavo André Simon, Christiano Lima Lobo de Andrade
2020 Colloquium Agrariae  
The adoption of different plant arrangements in the soybean crop can promote morphological changes in the plants, which may influencethe grain yield. In this context, the spatial arrangement allied to a determined growth and higher cycle variety may be an alternative for the management of the soybean crop under adverse edaphic-climatic conditions. In this way, the objective of this work was to evaluate the agronomic performance and the productive components of the BRS Valiosa RR®soybean
more » ... , with determinedgrowthin different plant populations and between rows. The trial was installed in Rio Verde/GOat2012/13 agricultural year. A randomized complete block design was used in a factorial arrangement4x4with four replications. It was evaluated four spacing between rows(20; 40; 20/40 and 20/60 cm) associated with four plant populations (200,000, 300,000, 400,000 and 500,000 ha-1plants). The BRS Valiosa RR® cultivar showed potential to reduce the plant population without causing reductions in grain yield, regardless of the spacing between rows.
doi:10.5747/ca.2020.v16.n5.a394 fatcat:4eytcy2kzbdgredkcjto3soikq