Role of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetiaillucens) Larvae Frass Bio-fertilizer on Vegetable Growth and Sustainable Farming in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gemechu Nedi Terfa
2021 Reviews in Agricultural Science  
Food insecurity throughout Sub-Saharan African countries is a common problem and needs a sustainable solution to improve crop yield production, rather than agricultural area expansion. Vegetables are important in sustaining the livelihood of many small-scale and subsistence farmers throughout Sub-Saharan African and contain vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, none has cholesterol and most are low in fat and calories. Vegetables also high in fiber, which helps keep the digestive
more » ... healthy. Vegetable production in Sub-Saharan Africa faces numerous agronomic constraints that will have to be overcome to feed the increasing population and to fight malnutrition. Major areas on the continent consequently experience nutrient limitation as a major yield gap component, especially in densely populated areas. Now a day one possible solution may come from insect farming, a growing industry with broad potential. Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens L) feces (frass) may have great potential as a valuable organic bio-fertilizer by positively affecting soil fertility and ultimately vegetable yields. However, the understanding of this positive effect of frass is still limited in our community and very few researchers are trying to determine the effects of this bio-fertilizer on vegetable growth and soil fertility amendment and to explore the utilization of this waste product as a novel organic bio-fertilizer. As nitrogen and phosphorus uptake observed in plots treated with black soldier fly frass fertilizer compared to plots treated with the commercial organic and mineral fertilizers could be attributed to better supply and availability of nutrients from the newly introduced frass fertilize. Clearly black soldier fly frass fertilizer performed better than commercial and inorganic fertilizer. Therefore, further study and awareness creation should be conducted to promote the feasibility of black soldier fly frass bio-fertilizer application in vegetable production and its role in soil fertility amendment.
doi:10.7831/ras.9.0_92 fatcat:g5dbuhklpnbrblnbeoztche4bu