5. Kinetic Simulation of Micro Plasmas

Sung Soo YANG, Sung Jin KIM, Jae Koo LEE
2004 Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research  
Kinetic simulation is a good numerical method for investigating plasma characteristics and behavior in a collisional micro plasma display because the kinetic simulation code describes the motion of particles with relatively better accuracy than that of the fluid simulation code. Using two-dimensional kinetic simulation code, we calculated the ion incident angle and energy distributions on the dielectric surface of the cathode region in an alternating-current plasma display panel cell with
more » ... ions in gas mixture, cell type, and pressure. The angle distribution of ions impinging on the cathode surface is one of the important factors for accurate experimental measurement of the secondary electron emission coefficient and for estimation of MgO sputtering. We also observed the striation phenomenon in a PDP cell and attempted to explain the striation mechanism based on the kinetic simulation results.
doi:10.1585/jspf.80.132 fatcat:h426lawpt5ctxg36z62bgvgvni