Sulkhan Chakim

Iain Purwokerto
2015 unpublished
The bacground of this study is the issue of Act Number 39, 2009 concerning Health, which is considered destrimental to tobaccoo industry, especially farmers, and also raises some debates. Theoretical framework of this study consists of agency and stucturization theories. This study was analyzed with discourse analysis using three strategies: (1) institutional strategy , i.e. to see institutionally the pro and contra about health regulation on addictive substances and tobacco; (2) social
more » ... (2) social strategy, i.e. to see arguments of group of society as a respond to the regulation and to defferentiate empowering and disempowering orientation; (3) ironic strategy: to place the discourse of tobacco in relation to public health by explaining the increase of self-monitoring and discipline, which seems to foster the new growth quickly (proleferation), but ironically tends to lower the ceredibility. This study found that: (1) Parties that reject the regulation argue that government does not consider the contribution of the income from tobacco custom , the job vacancy offered by tobacco industry, tobacco farmers, and local government commodity. (2) Parties that support the regulation argue that cigarettes contain addictive substance, are dangerous to active and passive smokers, can cause cancer, heart attack, and increase mortality rate. (3) Nahdlatul Ulama is one of Islamic social organizations that reject the regulation as well as reject the disagree with the statement 'haram' for smoking with the consideration that there is no text to judge that law. Abstrak: Abstrak: Abstrak: Abstrak: Abstrak: Latar belakang penelitian ini adalah Undang-Undang Nomor 36 Tahun 2009 tentang Kesehatan diundangkan oleh Negara, dianggap merugikan industri pertembakauan, dan khususnya para petani, dan mengundang ber-bagai perdebatan. Framework teoretis yang membangun sistem berpikir dalam kajian ini adalah agency dan strukturisasi. Teknis analisisnya adalah analisis wacana menggunakan tiga strategi, yaitu (1) Strategi institusional; sejauhmana melihat wacana pro kontra regulasi Kesehatan tentang zat adictiv