Efficacy of Coordinated Distributed Multiple Attacks (A Proactive Approach to Cyber Defense)

P. Defibaugh-Chavez, S. Mukkamala, A.H. Sung
2006 20th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications - Volume 1 (AINA'06)  
In the network-centric approach to information operations, users share information robustly by means of a secure infrastructure that enables self-synchronization and, ultimately, more effective information operations which makes information availability a key component. Since information operations will only become more important in future network operations, a well-developed attack tool that is able to strike the adversary's information networks is a valuable asset and should not be ignored.
more » ... e goal of the proposed coordinated distributed multiple attack (CDMA) is to strike a selected adversarial network and render its services useless. In this attack, a number of compromised systems are used as facilitators in a coordinated manner to launch an attack on a victim's host or network. • By distributing the attack and varying the type of attack the source attacker exhibits a decreased intensity of activity; therefore, the attack becomes harder to detect. Meanwhile, the concentrated effect on the victim is sufficient to overload network peripherals and systems, resulting in denial of service. • In CDMAs an adversary can target a wide range of vulnerabilities present in victims' operating systems, protocol stacks, applications, network infrastructure, etc.
doi:10.1109/aina.2006.161 dblp:conf/aina/Defibaugh-ChavezMS06 fatcat:pi4c3h7zybauvbmwwkgvfcyste