Time stands still : the catalogue of the thesis exhibition in painting [thesis]

Ann Davis
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks to: Charlotte Price and Liz Price, my mother and sister, for being such good role models; Guinever Smith, for giving me a solid foundation in painting; Henry Chodkowski, for his skill at diagnosing a problem and for his patience; Sharon Howerton-Leightty for her positive reinforcement; Jim Grubola for his even-handed guidance; Marti Calderwood for her friendship and advice; and Bob Lockhart for being a presence from the beginning. ABSTRACT The hurried aspects of daily
more » ... ng exhaust me. Speed is the operative word. Apparently everyone wants more of it. Not me. While I value the innovations that speed up my onerous tasks, in my artwork I am attracted to its opposite --repose. I try to slow the pace of life around me, capturing those moments of stillness. This thesis examines a body of work, eight paintings and four drawings, that reflect this aversion to speed.
doi:10.18297/etd/320 fatcat:qbvzo2qeuzdrvoikiuj4sh5pwq