The automation of proof: a historical and sociological exploration

D. Mackenzie
1995 IEEE Annals of the History of Computing  
This article reviews the history of the use of computers to automate mathematical proofs. It identifies three broad strands of work: automatic theorem proving where the aim is to simulate human processes of deduction; automatic theorem proving where any resemblance to how humans deduce is considered to be irrelevant; and interactive theorem proving, where the proof is directly guided by a human being. The first strand has been underpinned by com-~itment to the goal of artificial intelligence;
more » ... actitioners of the sec-/ -~ ... ond strand have been drawn mainly from mathematical logic; and e third strand has been rooted primarily in the verification of computer programs and hardware 'designs.-· · IEEE
doi:10.1109/85.397057 fatcat:rcaohi4jafaoxivpjmdqmhsqtq