Experimental study of the prototype of a Roto-Jet pump for the domestic ORC power plant

The purpose of the work was to experimentally determine the characteristics of the prototype of a Roto-Jet pump (the Pitot tube pump) during its operation under conditions typical for the domestic micro power plant. The low-boiling fluid, sold under the trade name of HFE7100 and characterised by a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) coefficient, was used as a working medium in the organic Rankine cycle (ORC). An electric thermal oil heater with a maximum power of 2×24 kWe was used as a heat
more » ... s used as a heat source. The pump of Roto-Jet type was specially designed for the operation with the following rated parameters of the thermodynamic cycle: nominal flow rate of the working fluid 0.17 kg/s, operating pressure 1.2 MPa. The pump was put under load using an expansion valve that simulated the operation of an expansion machine. The article discusses thermodynamic and flow conditions to be met by the pumping engine as well as results of the experimental research. Moreover, the article includes the operational characteristics of the ORC installation and the Roto-Jet pump obtained during the operation with the target working medium -HFE7100. The engineering problems the authors of this article faced when designing and testing the pumping engine prototype are also presented.
doi:10.24425/ather.2019.129995 fatcat:w3acrqn2bbf27k4gu2idt5oanu