STATISTIC EVALUATION OF VIBRATION FORCE OF PLASTIC CRUSH MACHINE : Assessment of environmental vibration from plastics recycle facilities (Part1)
破砕機稼動時加振力の確率統計的検討 : プラスチックリサイクル工場の環境振動評価(その1)

2003 Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)  
Toshio KOBA YA SHI and Toshihisa ISHIBASHI 1n th mal recydesysIem , indus 面 al abandoned plasdcs are crus り ed and bumed as altemadve fuel ofcoal andlor pe【roleum . 1n order to obtain basic da[a to assesSthe environmental vibration f 「 om the sh machine in newly pla ing recycle facilities , we measu 爬 d covimnmenIal vibration of faci 旺 直es in operation , and vibration exCiting force of と rush machine was evalu 飢 ed . Thus obtained exci 証ng fbrce has large fluctuadon depend 孟 ng on crushed maIo
more » ... ial. Probabilis 口c1Statistic theory is appiied for the exciIing fbrce data and exciting force level is determined accordlng noo − exceeding probabiliIy and eva 艮 uation period . This exci 画ng fbrce Ievel is applied in the assessment of the envimnmental vibradon from Ihe c 匸 ush machine in newly planning recycle facilities .
doi:10.3130/aijs.68.69_2 fatcat:bsuwvaswb5b7nf44v3jmiljvzy