Road Dust Emission Due to Vehicular Traffic-A Review

Mr Khalil, Ahmad Bagwan, P Sonavane
Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology Print   unpublished
Dust generation on paved and unpaved roads is not much attended serious cause of air pollution. The presence of dust reduces visibility and poses an overall hazard to health and safety of road users. In India, it is customary to subject WBM road for traffic prior to its asphalting for some duration. During the maintenance of even asphalted roads, there is a practice to fill the pot holes by murum or similar locally available material. WBM surface and pot holes are major sources for dust
more » ... es for dust emission. The emitted dust consists of range of particulate, majority of which remains suspended in the atmosphere. The abatement of respirable content is essential to protect human health as well as plant life. In India such efforts are not taken. In developed countries many researchers have contributed to study dust generation by vehicle on paved and unpaved road surface in spite of having better quality of roads as compared to Indian situation. Many efforts lead to develop relationship between nature of vehicle and dust emission. A few researchers have also deduced procedures to measure and characterize emitted dust on a real-time basis by involving high end instrumentation. In general the efforts are significant to minimize the ill effects of dust emission on plant, animal, and human life. It would be helpful to have review of the work done in developed countries and apply the results to improvise Indian road construction and maintenance practices. The study will also create many research avenues in the road construction industry in light of air pollution.