Techniques of SNP Genotyping and Remote Sensing Applied for Elucidation of the Contribution of Polygene and Environmental Factors to Inter-individual Variation in Skin Pigmentation Phenotype

Sumiko Anno, Susumu Kudo, Keita Hamasaki, Kazunari Matsumura, Takushi Yamamoto, Koretsugu Ogata
2005 Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science  
We present a conceptual framework for applying techniques of SNP genotyping as a molecular biological approach and remote sensing as an ecological approach to elucidation of the contribution of polygene and environmental factors to inter-individual variation in skin pigmentation phenotype. Additionally, we discuss the obstacles that frustrate our efforts to identify how the human genome encodes the complex phenotype and suggest the use of computational methods designed for knowledge discovery within hereditary database.
doi:10.2114/jpa.24.483 pmid:16079603 fatcat:gjms6c5xengf3n6z5zafokznwi