Wood Anatomy of the Tribe Swartzieae With Comments on Related Papilionoid and Caesalpinioid Leguminosae

Peter Gasson
1996 IAWA Journal  
The tribe Swartzieae, like the Sophoreae is a basal member of the Papilionoid legumes, lying at the boundary between this subfam ily and the Caesalpinioideae (Polhill & Raven 1981). Recent surveys have inves tigated the wood anatomy of 42 out of the 48 genera in the Sophoreae (Fujii & Baas 1992; Fujii et al. 1994; Gasson 1994 ; Den Outer & Van Veenendaal 1992) . Similar work is needed on the Swartzieae ( II genera), and in the Caesalpinioideae on Caesalpinieae (47 genera) , Amherstieae (25
more » ... a) and Detarieae (55 genera). The wood anatomy of Swar tzieae is described here, the genus Baph iopsis apparently for the first time, and comparison is made especially with Sophoreae . There is no clear delim itation between the two tribes, which is confirmed by cladistic analysis on 12 wood characters of Swartzieae alone, then combined Swartzieae and Sophoreae. Baph iopsis (Swartzieae) and Baphia (Sophoreae) are so similar anatomically that they should perhaps be in the same tribe, and Bocoa is not uniform anatomically, and may not be a coherent genus. The data presented here will assist in reaching co nclusions on the correct delimitation of some genera and tribes in the Papilionoid legumes.
doi:10.1163/22941932-90000624 fatcat:vm46g2vupbb5pbsqcnb3z7o2tm