ENTANGLE: An Enhanced Logic-locking Technique for Thwarting SAT and Structural Attacks

Armin Darjani, Nima Kavand, Shubham Rai, Mark Wijtvliet, Akash Kumar
2022 Proceedings of the Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2022  
Among the SAT-resilient logic locking techniques, the Stripped-Functionality-Logic-Locking (SFLL) is the most promising solution which can guard the intellectual property against approximate, sensitization, SAT, and structural attacks which target Point-function techniques. However, even the SFLL technique has been shown to be vulnerable to a recent class of structural attacks that identify the perturbation logic. In this paper, we first categorize all possible classes of attacks on SFLL. Then
more » ... e propose ENTANGLE , a novel logic locking technique built upon SFLL that can resist all of these attacks, including the emerging ML-Based attacks. We test our technique against publicly available SFLL attacks. The implementation results show that ENTANGLE can secure large-sized industrial circuits with an average overhead of 11.6 percent and 9.1 percent for area and power, respectively. CCS CONCEPTS • Security and privacy → Security in hardware.
doi:10.1145/3526241.3530371 fatcat:zfzct3tlj5cfff6o3ngseenjbm