Pêlos na língua – um caso de língua pilosa negra

Daniela Boleto, Interna do 3º ano do internato de MGF
2013 Revista Portuguesa de Clínica Geral  
HAIR ON THE TONGUE -A CASE OF BLACK HAIRY TONGUE Black hairy tongue is a benign condition characterized by hair-like projections on the dorsum of the tongue. This is an uncommon disease but it is easily diagnosed and treated. I report the case of a 42 year-old man who consulted with his family doctor complaining of glossodynia, dysgeusia and halitosis of four weeks' duration. He smoked tobacco and cannabis. Black hairy tongue was diagnosed. The patient was advised to improve oral hygiene and
more » ... oral hygiene and stop consumption of tobacco and cannabis. Complete resolution of symptoms and signs was noted after two weeks.
doi:10.32385/rpmgf.v29i4.11111 fatcat:2e5rqt6i7zdndjfirkbrzkqkvy