Practical Approaches to Attaining Security against Adaptively Chosen Ciphertext Attacks [chapter]

Yuliang Zheng, Jennifer Seberry
Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO' 92  
This paper presents three mcthods for strengthening public key cryptosystems in such a way t,hat they become secure against adaptiuely chosen ciphertext attacks. In an adaptively chosen ciphertext attack, an attacker can query the deciphering algorithm with any ciphertexts, ezcept for t h e exact object ciphertext to becryptanalyzed. The first strengthening method is based on the use of one-way hash functions, the second on the use of universal hash functions and the third on the use of digital
more » ... signature schemes. Each method is illustrated by an example of a public key cryptosystem based on the intractability of computing discrete logarithms in finite fields. Two other issues, namely applications of t h e methods t o public key cryptosysterns based on other intractable problems and enhancement of information authentication capability to the cryptosystems. are also discussed. ' *
doi:10.1007/3-540-48071-4_20 dblp:conf/crypto/ZhengS92 fatcat:ynips7jm3jdk5d2o3gqea7xvp4